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Photos of Beaches waterfronts

A gallery of all the photos of beaches & waterfronts  that I shot that you can brows on through to pick out if you wish to have done in a split print click on split print photo then scroll down to custom order split print for all the shapes & sized  or to arrange in a stain glass affect where you pick the framing & metal affect click on customized stain glass affect for all the framing & metal samples.

Ventnor NJ 

Ventnor beach sunset wide

looking at the ocean                                                                            Ventnor sunset 


Evening at the beach                                                                                                         Ventnor boardwalk 



Photos from Cape May NJ

Cape may bay sunset

Cape may bay sunset

 Miah Maull,                                                                                                   Fourteen Foot


  Ship John Shoal.                                                                                                   Brandywine Shoal 


Brandywine Shoal  wide 


                    Cape may point 


              Cape may beach 


Cape may beach 2


Cape may beach 3


Cape may beach 4


Cape may beach 5


Cape may sail boat 

Cape may sail boat 2                                                                          Cape may sail boat 3


Cape may sail boat 3


Photos from New Bedford MA

Cloudy day along New Bedford harbor 


Cloudy day along New Bedford harbor 


 Evening at New Bedford harbor


 Evening at New Bedford harbor 2

New Bedford harbor at night                                                           New Bedford harbor at night 2


New Bedford harbor at night 3                                                   New Bedford harbor at night 4


New Bedford harbor at night 5

Cape Cod MA canal photos 

Cape Cod canal beach 

       Kennedy ship

Tug boat & Kennedy ship 

Rail road bride                                                                               Arch bridge 


Heading under bridge                                                                     Under bridge 


Red house                                                                                                   Mansion 


Big Cape Cod house                                                                                 Long house 


Panorama of houses 

        Big ranch house                                                                             Wooded house 


       House & boating dock 

Cape Cod MA canal sail boat                                                                Cape Cod MA canal sail boat 2


Cape Cod MA canal sail boat 3                                                        Big house with red roof 


Tall sail boat 

Newport RI

Castle Hill Light                                                                                         Rose Island Light 


Castle Hill 


The Clingstone house 

     Newport RI Yacht club                                                                                                       Rough Point


Newport Harbor Light 


Newport RI sail boat                                                                          Newport RI sail boat 2 


       Newport RI sail boat 3                                                              Newport RI sail boat 4


Newport RI sail boat 5                                                                          Newport RI sail boat 6 


Newport RI sail boat 7

Newport RI sail boat 8                                                                          Newport RI sail boat 9


Newport RI tug boat                                                                      Large boat in Newport RI harbor 


Newport RI boat dock 




Connecticut harbor 


Juneau Alaska 

From a Whale watching boat through Stephens Passage 

Mountains & Glaciers                                                               Mountains & Glaciers 2


       Mountains & Glaciers 3                                                               Mountains & Glaciers 4


Mountains & Glaciers 5


Mountains & Glaciers 6



Glacier                                                                                                       Glacier 2


Sentinel Island Lighthouse                                                 Sentinel Island Lighthouse 2


From the mountain top of Mount Robert 2000 feet above Juneau Alaska from a cable car ride up the mountain 

Alaska Mountain top 

Alaska Mountain top 2

  Alaska Mountain top 3                                                                    Alaska Mountain top 4


Alaska Mountain top 5

Skagway Alaska shot from the top deck of a cruise ship

Wide angle shot of Skagway Alaska 

 Sun setting over the mountains of Skagway Alaska                     Sun setting over the mountains of Skagway Alaska2 


Tracy Arms Alaska 

From on the cruise ship cruising through Tracy Arms Alaska 

Sawyer  Glacier                                                                    Sawyer  Glacier 2


    Sawyer  Glacier 3


Victoria Canada 

Most of them are from a walk through Victoria Canada & some from the top deck of the cruise ship as well

Victoria Canada panorama 

Victoria Canada panorama 2

Victoria Canada panorama 3

Victoria Canada panorama from top deck of cruise ship

Victoria Canada panorama from top deck of cruise ship 2

The boats in Victoria harbor

The boats in Victoria harbor 2

Seattle WA

Seattle panorama 

Seattle panorama 2

Mountain along Seattle 

Cozumel Mexico

Some from a walk through Cozumal Mexico & some from the top deck of a cruise ship 

Mexican village                                                                               Mexican village 2


Cozumel Mexico waters                                                                 Cozumel Mexico waters 2


Cozumel Mexico waters 3                                                                Cozumel Mexico waters 4


Cozumel Mexico waters 5

Cozumel Mexico waters 6


Cozumel Mexico waters 7

Cozumel Mexico waters 8

Foulmoth Jamaica 

all were shot from the top deck of a cruise ship 

Foulmoth Jamaica waters

Town of Foulmoth Jamaica 

Town of Foulmoth Jamaica 2

Town of Foulmoth Jamaica 3                                                             Town of Foulmoth Jamaica 4


Jamaican village 

Jamaican sunset 

Jamaican sunset 2                                                                            Jamaican sunset 3


Jamaican sunset 4


Mississippi River along  New Orleans from the top deck of a cruise ship pulling out of the Mississippi River 


St. Louis Cathedral Roman Catholic church                                  St. Louis Cathedral Roman Catholic church 2


Holy Cross school 

You Are Beautiful building                                                                You Are Beautiful building 2


  Dominos sugar plant New Orleans 


  Dominos sugar plant New Orleans 2

Red barge                                                                                          Red & gray building       


   Tug boat pulling barge                                                                       Tug boat


Cape Kennedy Navy Supply ship 

Myrtle Beach SC.

The lighthouse at the Broadway at the beach


On the Beach at Myrtle Beach SC.

   Huntington beach state park 

Kington plantation lit up at night 

Broadway at the beach lit up at night                                     Murrells Inlet pink sunset 


    Murrells Inlet blue sky                                                          Murrells Inlet  cloudy day 


Murrells Inlet panorama                                                                 Kington plantation beach 


    Litchfield Beach 

    Litchfield Beach 2                                                               Fisherman on the rocks 


Mermaid on the rocks                                                             Wave heading towards the rocks 


  Wave crashing into the rocks                                                            Fishing boat


Some from Tampa Bay Florida 

Along the Tampa Bay 

Cloud & sun setting                                                                      Cloud & sun setting 2


Purple sunset                                                                                    Blue & gold sunset 


Gold sunset