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I mostly exhibit at art shows mainly at juried art shows. & I set up at the Phoenixville PA 1st Fridays. What it is it's a family event that's set up all through downtown Phoenixville PA & they have the vendors set up along with the loud bands that draws alot of people out there as well as all there restaurants & shops up & down the main strip. I normally set up infront of the parking lot of Pepperoncini 184 Bridge street Phoenixville PA which is right across the street from Molly Maguires Irish Pub the 1st Friday season is every 1st Friday of the month from May through October  from 6PM to 10PM. Getting to talk to everybody is what I have the most fun doing at them art shows & getting my name out there as well. & have all my photographs & copies of my book put out & would also hold solo shows at art galleries if a person is looking to benefit a foundation or their gallery with the proceeds like that 1 solo show that I did back in October 21st 2016 at Elaina's Framing Fine Art Gallery in Trappe PA with 50% of sales went to the HEADstrong foundation it's a cancer foundation . & each solo art show that I do I always like holding an opening day on night reception with food like some nice party trays & drinks out. Them solo art shows are alway very fun to bring your family & friend to or to meet up there with your family & friends & to bring or meet up with as many people in invite as many people as you want to them solo shows Then I always design the  Flyers with my logo Wolf Through my eyes my logo Wolf  to put out at all the shops & business near by the gallery or any small business that my solo art show is being held at. I shoot photos of every little bit of each from still life to wild life to nature & even some aerial photography I had done as well.

A alot of them I like putting in fine art affects like in water color & oil painting & pen & ink & all the fine art drawings if it's Black & White or color. & a little Black & White some with a tint of red or any single color.single color 


Bobby's story Journey True

Hi, my name is Bobby Wolf and here is my story I have to share with you. Back when I was a young kid I always loved to run. In 8th grade, spring of 1998, I joined a Catholic Youth Organization spring track team and qualified for the City Championship meet, not only the last meet of the year but the biggest meet of the year. I was entered in the 1600 meter & 800 meter and was one of the top finishers in both events. Getting ready for my 1st year in high school all the coaches for the fall sports showed up at my middle school  and I attend the Cross country meeting. In Cross Country you run 5K courses as in 3.1 miles or 5000 meters.  As it turned out I was the fastest 9th grader on my team and earned my varsity letter not only in Cross Country but in  Winter Track in the 1600 meter , 3000 meter and 800 meters and in spring track for the 3200 meters ,1600 meters & 800 meters. During the summer I was still training & running 5k races, 3.1 miles and 10k races ,6.2 miles. I became the fastest runner on my team as early as 10th grade. In 11th grade I qualified for states in cross country and in 12th grade, the big year, I qualified for states in all 3 seasons, cross country, winter track( in the 3000 meter with a time of 9:06.4) and in spring track, not only did I qualified for states in the 3200 meters but set a new school record of 9:36.1, beating the old record of 9:38.8 set in 1974, a 28 year old record. After graduating from Methacton high school in 2002 I joined a running club of only your fastest runners (several of them Olympic contenders) and being the youngest one,  set a few course records in 5k & 10k races. All was going as I had planned until May 2003. I entered The Philadelphia Race For Cure on May 11th 2003 and despite my fingers being numb (I thought from the cold), I finished well with in the first group of runners and earned a medal. This was the last foot race that I would run. Now started a new race, a race for my life. 

     I started noticing discomfort in my neck several weeks before that race. Thinking it was a pinched nerve I went to the doctors. When it did not get better I was sent for an MRI. When my doctor called on a Sunday we knew the news was not good. He said that the MRI reveled a mass on my spinal chord and that I was to go the next day for another one with contrast. He also had an appointment for me already made with a neurosurgeon in Philadelphia. Every thing happed so fast and before I knew it I was in surgery. Next came chemo and radiation. Things were going ok until after three months an accident occurred and the bone that had been removed during surgery broke off and went into my spinal chord. I was air lifted back to CHOP. I was told that I might never walk again. I had my spine fused from the upper part of my back to the base of my scull. To this day I will never be able to turn my head from side to side or up and down. I have limited use of my hands due to where the tumor was located. I spent many months in rehab but finally came home in January, right before my birthday. 8 months had gone by since that foot race! I was in  wheelchair- but as they say, "you cant keep a good man down".  Many months of therapy followed and one of my best days was when I walked by the doctor that told me that I might never walk again. My family and oncologist were so proud of me. 

   It was during those long months that I decided to pick up a camera. A short while later people started telling me what a good eye I had. My former track coach Charlie, who I had become great friends with, and his wife Betty along another good friend John, the retired photography teacher, started coaching me in a whole new way. My photography, along with my story, was featured on Thanksgiving Day in 2007 and my work was put on display at our local library for a month. My life revolved around therapy every day, taking photos, seeing my oncologist every 3 months, then 6 months, then one year. I was proud to attend the Relay for Life each year, first walking with my fore arm crutches, then a walker, then a cane. Life seemed back on track. My photography was gaining popularity and was being displayed in several juried shows. But another shock was to come. At my routine visit, in May of 2009, after 6 years, another tumor was found. This one was at the base of my brain stem. Treatment would be a stem cell transplant, using my own stem cells. At my meeting with the transplant team I was told that 1 in 20 do not survive. There would be a chance of many complications. They were right. I was in the hospital for several months. There were many complications, a few times my parents thought that I would not pull through. But everyone who knows me knows how determined I am and once again in January I was home for good. I am in good physical shape and once again back to taking and selling my photos. In May of 2010 I went to Alaska, my dream trip. & at my YMCA The Spring Valley YMCA in Royersford PA I was asked to be their official photographer for all their events & staff photo shots & for everything that they do & took the job. My life journey continues on thanks to the many prayers of my family, friends and people that I don`t even know. I have written a book that had been published & was completed June 20th 2011. I'm now able to give hope and encouragement to all going through a hard time, whatever it is. 2012 I started setting up at the 1st Fridays of Downtown Phoenixville PA. & have had my work displayed in my 1 friends Coffee shop Java's Brewin' in Limerick PA & also have donated some of my photographs to hang up at the Spring Valley YMCA. 2013 just started a new hobby my Dad just got a motorcycle a Vulcan 1600cc classic cruiser & my Brother that's in the Army had hooked me up with the very top of the line sidecar the Hannigan Classic cruiser style . & my Dad got some big loud pipes put on the Vance & Hines Big Shots long for the big deep loud rumble & an air cleaner that gave it a huge jump in horsepower  & all souped up & I love it Then I where a whole helmet with ear muffs made for having super loud pipes. & I had been invited to do a solo show.2014 I had 2 new juried art shows added to my schedule on March 23rd 2014 I had did some photographing at my Grandmother's 90th birthday party. John Bosler my photography teacher shot the group photos because of some that I had to be in but John had me go around shooting just with anybody  watching me or close by to where I feel comfortable &  just get up shooting photos making my rounds as nothing happen. 1st time in a very long wile that I was able to just get up & make my rounds like that at a family event that was a big one everybody was talking about how good I looked that was a huge step up & I put together a very nice photo slideshow DVD of all the photos of all my Grandmother's  kids Grand kids Great Grand kids & everybody on her side of her family all from 2004 to 2014 to very nice music 3 songs & projected it onto a wall & at the end everybody all cheered me on very loud & have had many copies requested .& on May 22nd 2014 I photographed  the 10th birthday of the Spring Valley YMCA being open & I been there for the full 10 years that it's been opened. & had took my 1st long road trip with the motorcycle to Skyline Drive VA & got some very nice photographs & with many more trips ahead if it's a road trip with the motorcycle on by airplane to where ever the perfect spot to get me the next award winning photograph is & really enjoy doing them art shows.                                                             Life is good and God has blessed me.  

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