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A gallery of all the animal & wildlife photos that I shot that you can brows on through to pick out if you wish to have done in a split print click on split print photo then scroll down to custom order split print for all the shapes & sized  or to arrange in a stain glass affect where you pick the framing & metal affect click on customized stain glass affect for all the framing & metal samples.  & can be done on gloss or metallic on on a metal print or for best results on a backlit to look like sunshine at night or on a rainy day.

Eagle fine art affect

These are photos of the Eagle that I put in the fine art affect Fly Eagles Fly 2-4-18 after my home team the Philadelphia Eagles Superbowl win.

Fly Eagles Fly fire ball

Fly Eagles Fly fire & energy

Alaska wildlife

Sea otters


Point Retreat Lighthouse with an unexpected visitor a whale


Sea lion on rocks



A bunch of sea lions on the rocks


Robbin in snow coated tree



Robbin & male cardinal in snow coated tree



Baby female Cardinal in crabapple tree

White swan



White Pekin duck taking a dip



Bluejay 2






Robbins nesting


Robbins nesting 3

Brown pelican swimming



Proud Brown pelican 2




Peruvian pelican


Peruvian pelican 3






cormorant 4








Blue heron



Gray heron


Gray heron 2



Night heron


2 black swans


Flaming flamingo


Parrot 2


Parrots 2


turtles 2


alligator out in the wild 2


Random animals 

Little piggies


Baby pigs




white Pekin duck & 2 hens


Whistling duck


Muscovy Duck with white gray black & feathers


Domestic duck




Llamas 2




Long horn cows 2


seagull 2


Female peacock


Rooster 2


Fly Eagles Fly explosion

Fly Eagles Fly energy

My dog Duke Wolf howling at the full moon

Because my dogs are big howlers & howls at youtube videos of dogs howling & it was a clear but very cold winter night at the field there was a full moon so just had to get my huge male German Shepherd Duke to howl at the full moon by playing a video on my phone of a German Shepherd howling that I had my Brother stand where the moon is for a side angle pose & played the video & got him to howl at the moon for the perfect photograph. because he looks & sounds like a Wolf howling

Bald Eagle & sea lions


Alaska whale tail



Whale popping out of water


Sea lion on rocks 2


Pennsylvania birding 

Robbin in flight during snowstorm

Robbin in snow coated tree 2


Canada geese on ice


White swan back



Bluejay 3


Dove in grass






Robbins nesting 2


Southern wildlife from south carolina to Florida 

Brown pelican


Proud Brown pelican



Proud Brown pelican with a blue tint




Peruvian pelican 2



Brown pelican in flight




cormorant 2



cormorant 3


cormorant 2


Puffed Egret



Blue heron 2


Black & white heron


Eurasian bittern


black swan










alligator out in the wild


Iguana from Cozumel Mexico


Piggies feeding


Moo cows


2 hens


Mallard Duck


Muscovy Duck with green white & black feathers


Magpie duck








Long horn cows




Male peacock