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Backlit photos

These are backlit photos. They come printed on backlit film in a 2 inch deep shadow box with LED lights. Perfect for brightening up your day on everybody's day on a rainy day on a snowy day if your looking for sunshine on turn on at night time. & with the night time photos of lets say Niagara falls or any bodies of water lit up at night make the lights really stand our or turn on for non stop glowing in the dark at night looking almost like Christmas lights for the night time photo lit up at night. Some like Niagara falls have blinking lights to make the falls look like that they are moving & can switch to steady light on blinking light. Or if your in the mood for for sun catcher affect check out the stain glass affect with the real metal affect. Turn it on at night time or a  rainy day or snowy day. Perfect for entertaining guest. 

Sizes are for standers 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x30 or bigger at any request

Squares 10x10, 12x12, 16x16 or at request 20x20

Panoramic 10x20, 12x24 or any request for bigger

This is my current display of my backlit photos in a dark room at night to show you what they look like lit up at night time

Train lit up with steam 1 8x10

Red White & Blue motorcycles with US flag backdrop 1 8x10

Bridal Vail falls lit up at night. 1 11x14

Butterfly 1 11x14

Lighthouse stain glass 1 10x10

Cape Cod MA Canal stain glass 1 10x10

Wolf van with 1 of my full moon photos for the backdrop 1 8x10

The Maid Of The Mist at Bridal Veil falls with HDR affect. 1 11x14

Pressed flower combo 1 11x14

Newport RI landmarks stain glass 1 10x10

Alaska whale tail & Point Retreat lighthouse 1 11x14

Sailboat stain glass 1 10x10