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A gallery of all the cities places & landmark photos that I shot that you can brows on through to pick out if you wish to have done in a split print click on split print photo then scroll down to custom order split print for all the shapes & sized  or to arrange in a stain glass affect where you pick the framing & metal affect click on customized stain glass affect for all the framing & metal samples.  & can be done on gloss or metallic on on a metal print or for best results on a backlit to look like sunshine at night or on a rainy day.

Valley Forge National park in Valley Forge PA.

Washington's Headquarters


Washington Memorial Chapel



Philander Chase Knox House 3


Log cabin


Town of Oley PA 

Red barn


Red barn 3


silo 2


Old house & smoke house


Side of old house


Old shed


Old wood building 2


Griesemers Covered Bridge



Pleasantville Covered Bridge


Big old stone house


inside of Anna Hyatt Huntington's Winter home 2



inside of Anna Hyatt Huntington's Winter home 3



Horse & buggy in Victoria Canada




Bicycle in the streets of Victoria Canada



Boat anchor of Victoria Canada




Valley Forge covered Bridge


Philander Chase Knox House


Philander Chase Knox House 2



Wine Cellar






Red barn 2





silo 3



Old house & smoke house 2



Old smoke house


Old wood building


Farm land & silos


Griesemers Covered Bridge 2



Pleasantville Covered Bridge 2

 A few from Inside of American sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington's Winter home in Huntington Beach state park Murrells Inlet SC.

inside of Anna Hyatt Huntington's Winter home


The streets of Victoria Canada 

A tour of Victoria Canada


Horse & buggy in Victoria Canada 2


Flower garden of Victoria Canada



Street of Victoria Canada