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Customized Stain glass affect.


If you have a bunch of photos that you like lets say on this website any request on any photos  you want pice in a customized stain glass affect or if it's from any of the photos that you asked me to shoot of your flowers or your family portraits or the old photos that you sent me to touch up or to restore & a framing in any request like the same framing but different metal affect or same metal affect but different framing would be very more then happy to work with you. all will be done on Fuji metallic archive paper & framed or on metal size 12x12sin 14x14 matte & frame & 16x16s in 18x18 matte & frame but can go bigger like 20x20 in 22x22 matte & frame or bigger.  Fuji metallic archive paper  30x30 in 32x32 matte & frame 40x40 in 42x42 matte & frame it;s glossy of luster & the same for the standers some comes in from 8x10s to 20x30s & custom orders for anything bigger. & for best results now offered in a backlit which is in a 2 inch deep shadow box of any size with LED lights to light it up on a rainy or snowy day or at night.

With UV affect


From a pelican photo



The framings for the customized stain glass affects that you wish. Lets say if there is a stain glass affect that you like but a different metal affect lets say you see 1 that's in a dark gold but want a light gold or silver or a chrome I would be very more then happy to customize to that. If it's the arrangement but a different metal affect of if it's any of the family photo shoots that I do for you of any of the old photos that you sent me to fix up for you. Or if it's your garden or flowers or trees in bloom that whatever you wish for me to photograph for you then will let you pick the framing & with or without UV affect. You choose the framing & the metal affect that you wish to fame the framing in whatever matches your room of whatever room of your house or if in a business you have whatever matches your shop that you plan to hang it up in of any store restaurant or coffee shop or any public places you the right matching metal affect under metal affect sample that I can do any of the framings in. Then you pick any of the photos in the gallery that you wish to have me arrange in the stain glass or the photo shoots you wish to have me do for you.


Designers in gold bling

Designers half rounds with diamond center dark gold

Designers circles with a bottom curve silver



5 oval chrome with gray light silver backdrop



5 oval lead



5 oval Ancient iron in 3D affect


Designers black iron

Diamond round


Stander sizes

The stander prints that comes in 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x30 can go bigger if a person wish


Designers flower gold with reflection & metallic backdrop


Without UV affect


Sun catcher affects


They are from a cutout for a photograph that I shot then added the metal then glass & UV affect 

This is from a photo of a robin in flight


Sun catcher affect if there is any bird or flower that you would or stain glass photo that you want me to cut out from  the stain glass affect photo or any pice that you wanted customized that I will that a real glass affect & any of my outdoor photos I will give a glass affect & if you want if you have a very nice back yard I can shoot through window or out in your yard & add the glass affect. On the ones with the black backdrop add in the UV affect 


Framing samples


all the ones that comes in a square print 12x12, 16x16, 20x20, 30x30 can go bigger if a person wish

Designers star in dark gold



Designers flower Metallic gold

Designers hearts gold


4 oval around it goes black metal & cavern backdrop


5 oval chrome with black backdrop


5 oval Ancient iron



Diamond in box cat cast iron



4 diamonds & circle in octagon brush copper



Designers diamond in a combo Platinum & Gold bling


           A combo can be done of 2 different metal affects.  Or 3

          or as many different metal affects  that you wish in a combo 

Designers diamond dark gold










Metal samples

Metal affect samples

You choose the metal affect that you want in your looking for a bling look goth with silver gold or platinum.  or a rustic look such as copper iron right her is the metal affect samples. None every one of these framings can be done in any metal affect 

For a Bling look if bling matches your room of your house or office or your business or public place 


Rustic looks

if any of these rustic looks matches your room of your house or office or your business or public place


Cool looking metal affect 

 if any of them matches your room of your house or office or your business or public place


please contact me at my Email or 610-970-0353 or 484-948-7152 or if you show up to any of the shows that I'm in we can set it up in person.