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A gallery of all the flowers & nature photos that I shot that you can brows on through to pick out if you wish to have done in a split print click on split print photo then scroll down to custom order split print for all the shapes & sized  or to arrange in a stain glass affect where you pick the framing & metal affect click on customized stain glass affect for all the framing & metal samples.  & can be done on gloss or metallic on on a metal print or for best results on a backlit to look like sunshine at night or on a rainy day.

The butterfly photo from Peace Valley park in Bucks County PA


Yellow lily 2


Yellow day lily



Pink lily




Looking inside white lily


Candy cane lily


Orange lily


Gold & red lily


Pink water lily 2


Pink water lily 4


Purple water lily


Purple orchid


Pink orchid


Orange orchids


Purple orchid with a little yellow


Parrot tulip



Tulip garden


Tulip garden 3



Pink & yellow flower



Explosion of colors


colored leaves


Orange flower


Yellow daisy


Yellow daisy 3



Daisy garden


Pink & white round flower


Pink purple white flower



Looking inside morning Glory


Bee on leaf 2



Yellow butterfly bush


Rose garden



White rose


Red flower with blue purple & white center


Flaming flower 2


Looking inside of flaming pink flower


Yellow daffodil


The pound


Fish pound



Longwood Gardens Kennett Square PA

The big orchid garden


Lily pad pound


Lily pad pound 2


At the lake 2


Follow the yellow brick road


Fountain 2


Brook Green Gardens Myrtle Beach SC.

Brooke Green garden scene


Tree pound fountain scene


Water way 2



Water way 4


Water way 6



Florida Botanical Gardens 2



Florida Botanical Gardens 4


The gardens of Victoria Canada

Victoria flower garden

Victoria flower garden 3


Mendenhall glacier Alaska 

Mendenhall glacier


White lily


Yellow lily



Yellow day lily



White lily with pink strip


Pink & white lily


Lily garden



Red & white lily


Orange lily 2



Flaming water lily


Pink water lily



Pink water lily 3



Pink water lily 5



White water lily



White orchid



Orchids with purple white yellow green & much more



Orange orchids 2



Pink & white & red tulip



Flaming tulip



Tulip garden 2



Pink & white tulips



Red flowers with spots



Explosion of colors 2


colored leaves



Orange & yellow daisy



Yellow daisy 2



Pink daisy


Daisy garden 2


Purple pixaboy


Morning Glory


Bee on leaf


Red butterfly bush


Both red & yellow butterfly bush


Rose garden 2


Red flower with white & yellow center







Flaming flower



Flaming pink flower



Pink white & yellow flowers



White daffodils



Pound scene



Fish pound2


The big flower garden


Lily pad pound 2



At the Lake

 At the Lake 


Willow tree






The big garden



Tree branch over pound



Through the water way running through Brook Green Gardens on a pontoon boat ride 

Water way


Water way 3


Water way 5


Florida Botanical Gardens Largo Florida 

Florida Botanical Gardens


Florida Botanical Gardens 3


Florida Botanical Gardens 5



Victoria flower garden 2


Victoria flower garden 4


Mendenhall glacier 2