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A gallery of all the fall & winter photos that I shot that you can brows on through to pick out if you wish to have done in a split print click on split print photo then scroll down to custom order split print for all the shapes & sized  or to arrange in a stain glass affect where you pick the framing & metal affect click on customized stain glass affect for all the framing & metal samples.  & can be done on gloss or metallic on on a metal print or for best results on a backlit to look like sunshine at night or on a rainy day.


Hot air ballooning 6000 feet above Chester County PA.  on that perfectly clear & brisk fall day & a peak out height of 6000 feet launching from Pottstown then crossing the Schuylkill River into Chester County Coventry, Elverson, & looking 1 way able to see pass philadelphia & as far as the Delaware  bay & about the same distance on the other 3 sides before touching down in Downingtown PA which ended up being a 110% perfect landing. & perfect fall photos at falls peak.

Over the rolling hills


6000 feet above Hopewell lake



Looking out at Marsh creek from 6000 feet up



Valley view



Over the fall trees



1 perfect landing



At the park in Upper Pottsgrove PA

Fall trees 2



Fall trees 3


Fall tree


Back yard winer photo


Winter sunset 2



Winter barn 


Looking out at river front park



6000 feet above French Creek state park



Heading towards the light



Farm view



Shadow from my ride



looking for a perfect landing spot


Fall trees


Fall trees 4



River Front park


Winter photos

Front yard winter photo


Winter Sunsets & Pound all from Gilbertsville PA

Winter sunset



Winter at the pound