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Photo shoots

 Portraits if it's family children New borns & pets & much more & head shots for anything such as  portfolios that needs to be build up. & much more involving people. & I would come out to photograph your garden or flowers or anything that you need me to photograph then I would be very more then happy to print on a Fuji metallic archive paper or a Fuji glossy archive paper or on wrap around canvas or on metal. the prices of that & same as with the portraits are the same as what you see in my inventory if you want matted of framed or on canvas or on metal stander sizes are 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x30 but can customize & go bigger or do panoramic prints if you have your  3 favorite 8x10s that you want framed in a trio. or arrange in a trio or a stain glass affect you pick the framing & metal affect with or without 3D affect with or without UV affect & will E-mail you the copy before getting printed out. or photos that you wish for me to come out to shoot for you. & the same with the photos that you asked to restore for you.

Touch up & Restoration 

Any of your old photos no matter how old even your oldest photos that you have that I will set up to shoot photos of to & remove the dust & scratches restore the coloring giving it more contrast making them like brand new.


 in a stain glass affect 

  if your looking for me to arrange them in a stain glass affect click on customized stain glass affects then you pick the framing & metal affect with or without 3D affect then with or without UV affect then the size of the print

please contact me at my Email or 610-970-0353 or 484-948-7152 or if you show up to any of the shows that I'm in we can set it up in person.


 This is a trio 

any photos from any photo shoots or any photos of trees flowers gardens or anywhere you ask my to shoot for you can be arranged in trios.

Fine art affects

Here are all the fine art affects if a request in any of them 

Water color 


Pen & ink

Oil paint