Upcoming shows that I will be in

The upcoming shows that I will be in


Chaddsfoed art show & sale


Chaddsford Art show & sale

Friday March 24th from 7PM to 10PM &

Saturday March 25th from 10AM to 3PM

at the Chaddsford elementary school 3 Baltimore pike Chaddsford PA 

the Chaddsford Art show & sale. 30% of all sales  benefits the Unionville Chaddsford school district there will also be complementary O'derves from local restaurants that people will be walking around with trays of & there will be live music & 50/50 prizes that you can buy tickets for a chance to win.

2017 Chadds Ford Art Show and Sale | SignedEvents.com

https://signedevents.com › United States › Chadds Ford
The 68th Annual Chadds Ford Art Show and Sale will be held on Friday, March 24th, 2017 from 7pm to 10pm and Saturday, March 25th from 10am to 4pm.
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Chaddsfoed art show & sale


The upcoming Phoenixville PA 1st Friday season

I always set up on Bridge Street infront of the parking lot of Pepperoncini & across the street from Molly Maguire's Irish Pub. with all my photographs & book Journey True by Bobby Wolf.

May 5th • June 2nd • July 7th• August 4th• September 1st• October 6th




Welcome to Phoenixville's First Friday!


Phoenixville First Fridays are an exhilarating celebration! Every month we showcase the eclectic feel of Phoenixville. You'll find live music, theatrical performances, local artists, & fun surprises! Walk around and explore some of our arts venues, small shops , unique boutiques and outstanding restaurants. First Fridays are a great time to experience the beauty of the Borough and all that the Downtown Area has to offer. Gather your friends & family, & join us every First Friday each month at 6-10pm.


Phoenixville First Friday



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Welcome to Phoenixville's First Friday! Phoenixville First Fridays are an exhilarating celebration! Every month we showcase the eclectic feel of Phoenixville.


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2017 Swarthmore PA Fine Arts & Craft Festival

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Fall photos from very high above Chester County from a hot air balloon ride

From Launch

From our peak out height of 6000 feet


A little slide show with music


My new cards

My stock Inventory of all what's for sale

Of all what's available at shows or if you contact me at my E-mail miler2b@aol.com or my cell phone 484-948-7152

Note any photo that you wanted but somebody else bought before you I do take orders or customize if you went smaller or bigger 

My matted photos


8x10s are in an 11x14 matte 11x14s are in 16x20 matte 16x20s are in 18x22 matte 

Kennedy ship Cape Cod MA 1 11x14 $50.00 & 1 16x20 $70.00

Newport RI Sailboats 1 11x14 $50.00 & 1 16x20 $70.00

Lighthouse in Newport RI 1 8x10 $35.00 

Skyline Drive VA ryas 1 11x14 $50.00 

Skyline Drive VA stom clouds 1 11x14 $50.00

Skyline Cavern 1 11x14 $50.00 & 1 16x20 $70.00

Skyline Cavern Blue Glow 1 11x14 $50.00 & 1 16x20 $70.00 

Skyline Cavern fire glow 1 11x14 $50.00 & 1 16x20 $70.00 

Skyline Cavern red glow 1 11x14 $50.00 & 1 16x20 $70.00 

Alaska wale tail 1 8x10 $35.00 1 11x14  $50.00 1 16x20 $70.00

Alaska waters 1 8x10 $35.00 & 1 16x20 $70.00

Beach row in pen & ink affect 1 16x20 $70.00

Beach row 1 16x20 $70.00

Blue water drop 1 8x10 $35.00

Butterfly 1 11x14 $50.00 1 8x10 $35.00

Red cherry pepper flame 1 8x10 $35.00

Red Cherry pepper flame 2 1 8x10 $35.00

Egret 1 8x10 $35.00

Baby female cardinal 1 8x10 $35.00 1 11x14 $50.00

Florida Botanical gardens 1 11x14 $50 

Yellow glowing cherry tomato 1 8x10 $35.00

Green Chili pepper flame 1 8x10 $35.00

Green lane lake in the clouds 1 8x10 $35.00

Inside old house 1 8x10 $35.00

Little mermaid 1 8x12 $35 

Nightlife at the lake 1 8x12 $35.00

Pelican in fight 1 16x20 $70.00

Little piggies 1 16x20 $70.00 5 8x10s $35.00

Little piggies 1 8x10 $35.00 1 16x20 $70.00

Pottstown river front park 1 16x20 $70.00

Pressed flower combo 1 11x14 $50.00 

Proud pelican 1 8x10 $35.00

Colorful water drop 1 8x10 $35.00

Red & white lily in water color affect 1 11x14 $50.00

Red waterdrop 1 8x10 $35.00 

Skyline Drive VA sunset 1 8x12 $35.00

Skyline Drive VA 1 8x10 $35.00

White Water lily in water color affect 1 8x10 $35 

Snow coated tree 1 16x20 $70

Yellow water drop 1 8x10 $35.00 

Summer harvest 1 11x14 $50.00

Summer harvest in water color affect 1 11x14 $50.00

Best friends 1 16x20 $70.00

Myrtle Beach Lighthouse 1 8x12 $35.00


Proud pelican in Sepia 1 11x14 $50.00

Sitting Peacock 1 11x14 $50.00

Valley Forge covered bridge 1 11x14 $50.00

Framed photos


Stain Glass affects 12x12 on metallic in a frame all for $50.00

Cavern stain glass 

Newport RI & Cape Cod MA Canal stain glass

Newport RI & Cape Cod MA Canal stain glass 2 

Flowers stain glass

Skyline Drive VA stain glass

Cavern Alaska Water drop stain glass

Cavern water lily water drop stain glass 

Cavern water drop water lily stain glass

Water bird stain glass 

Land Water stain glass 

 1 Mexican chili trio $110.00

1 piggy trio $110.00

8x10s are in an 11x14 matte 11x14s are in 16x20 matte 16x20s are in 18x22 matte then all framed 


1 water drop trio $110 

Framed Alaska wale tail 1 16x20 $120.00

Framed Blue water drop 1 11x14 $80.00

Butterfly beauty 1 20x30 $150

Pressed flowers 1 16x20 $120

Red water drop 1 11x14 $80

Winter robins all round 1 8x10 $50.00

Winter robins all around 1 8x10 $50.00

Yellow Water drop 1 11x14 $80.00


On wrap around canvas

Standing tall 1 11x14 $90.00

Beach row 2 16x20s $120.00

Light affect 1 11x14 $90.00

egret 1 11x14 $90.00

Summer harvest 1 11x14 $90.00

Florida Botanical Garden 1 16x20 $120.00

Geo Wash Headquarters 1 11x14 $95.00

Newport RI trapped inside a bubble 1 11x14 $95.00

pigs 2 16x20 $120.00

valley Forge covered bridge 2 16x20 $120.00

Skyline Cavern red glow 1 16x20 $120.00

Skyline Cavern blue glow 1 16x20 $120.00

Newport RI 1 10x20 $110.00    

Butterfly beauty 1 20x30 $150.00

Alaska wale tail 1 20x30 $150.00

colorful water drop 1 20x30 $150

Pressed flowers 1 11x14 $90.00 & 1 20x30 $150.00


Split photographs

Note all the split photos you get all 2,3,4 or how many that it's split into & you will get a map with the directions with each pice numbered showing you which pice goes where on you wall & how far to to space them apart 

Wrap around canvas split photographs

1 little piggies 4 split photo of 4 8x10s $120.00

1 Newport Road Island 3 split photo of 3 8x10s $100.00

1 Cape Cod MA canal 3 split photo of 3 8x10s  $100.00

1 Alaska wale tail 3 split photo of 3 8x10s $100.00


Photographes printed on metal

Colorful water drop 1 8x10 $50.00

Red Water drop 1 8x10 $50.00

Yellow Water drop 1 8x10 $50.00

Glowing yellow cherry tomato on flames 1 8x10 $50.00

Water drips on CD 2 8x10s $50.00 each 

My book for sale


this is my book that I just wrote & is on sale at Lulu=.com for $15.00 go on to Lulu.com & punch in Bobby Wolf & it will have Journey True by Bobby Wolf.   Note I do book signing at my shows & if you bought  book off of www.Lulu.com you can take it to one of my shows or any event for me to sign for you.

My Photography services

 any of the photos that you see that's in my inventory or any photo shooting portraits of families kids babies & pets or any large groups or families  

 head shots for anything such as portfolios & portfolios that needs to be build up.

Big events, portraits,

any party of get togethers that you need a photographer for or

Santa & Easter bunny photo shoots the kids with Santa & the Easter Bunny.

& much more. please contact me at my Email miler2b@aol.com

or 610-970-0353 or 484-948-7152 or set it up at 1 of my shows 

www.Bobbys photos/ Journey True.com

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