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The ones that I have in inventory

All right here are printed on wrap around canvas with a 1 1/4 inch wrap around

1 little piggies 4 split photo of 4 8x10s $120.00

1 Newport Road Island 3 split photo of 3 8x10s $100.00

1 Cape Cod MA canal 3 split photo of 3 8x10s  $100.00

1 Alaska wale tail 3 split photo of 3 8x10s $100.00

Custom order split prints

Split print that can be done on wrap around canvas or on Fuji metallic archive paper or a Fuji glossy archive paper then placed behind plexiglass 

I don't have any of the large in stock but can be custom orders. The larger ones are perfect if you have a large couch or a very large space that you need to fill in. They come small medium large sizes just about any photo that you see in the gallery I can customize to fit any size






please contact me at my Email or 610-970-0353 or 484-948-7152 or if you show up to any of the shows that I'm in we can set it up in person.

The 3 8x10s or 3 11x14s or 3 16x20s

The 4 8x10s or 4 11x14s or 4 16x20s

The 5 split print 5 8x16s or 5 10x20s 12x24s

The 3 12x18s or 3 16x24s or 3 20x30s



4 diamond split 4 10x10x or 4 12x12s or 4 16x16s




5 diamond Left 10x15, middle left 10x20, middle 10x30, middle right 10x20, right 10x15





Can be done in

Left 8x12, middle left 8x16, middle 8x24, middle right 8x16, right 8x12


Left12X18, middle left12X24, middle12X36, middle right12X24, right 12X18